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Getting a job in this climate is tough – really tough.

With so many people applying for the same job, how do recruiters choose the right candidate, and how do you make sure that is you?

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A Bit About Us.. well it's more about you!

Ok, our aim? to get people into the best jobs with the best pay!


So how do we do that? Using your great looking profile our team will match you up with the best employers out there?

At Workrated we get our members profiles out to the most relevant employers to ensure you get the best offer available for your job role.

No lengthy forms to fill in, just have some fun building your profile, getting your reviews and we'll do the rest!

You won't get bombarded with calls either. All job related enquiries go straight to your in-profile inbox.

open up your market, don't put all your eggs in one basket and use the newest, most fun way to land your next job role.

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Workrated in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Create a free workrated account - fill in the registration form here it takes 2 minutes.
  2. Build your profile- all your relevant documents, certificates, photo, CV, video, qualification, social media links and ID documents – you choose what to add to your profile.
  3. Request a workrated review from one of your previous employers and start building your rating - it takes less than a minute for a referee to complete.
  4. We get you in front of the most relevant employers so you get the best offers for your job role. If you prefer you can also share your profile yourself at the click of a button.
  5. Keep improving your workrated profile. The more ratings and reviews you have and the more information you have in your profile the more attractive you are to potential employers.

Why Get Workrated?

We work for you to help you get work!

You get more than just a really useful, easy to use online profile. Whether you are into temporary work, or looking for a permanant role, we also get you out there in front of the most relevant employers in your industry. We want to ensure you get the best offers available for your job role.

A CV alone could make anyones career look boring…

The modern CV or resume should be part of an online profile, not just a long boring word document. A workrated profile gives your CV a contemporary twist and gives employers an insight into your skills and reputation without too much tedious reading.

Preparation is key to success…..

Face it, you will get asked for references, training certificates, qualifications, personal profiles and CV’s so why not have them ready? All at the click of a button in your workrated profile.

You’ll stand out…..

Your headline rating will give recruiters an instant glimpse of what you have to offer. Once they’re in you’ve got the chance you need to show them your stuff!

Looking to Recruit? Why Choose Workrated People?

  • Lowest fees for the best talent out there.
  • low fixed fee or monthly subscription for permanent placements regardless of salary
  • Temporary placements fully controlled via your workrated employer profile and app
  • We send you relevant members profiles that fit your job search.
  • we have the best consultants in the industry ready to serve you
  • Access to people who really want the work and have got themselves prepared to make your life easier!
  • No need to chase references – all our members ratings and reviews are verified by us.
  • All the information you need on an employee at the click of a button.
  • Make direct contact with the member via their profile page.
  • ultimately we save you time and money 
  • Contact us to set up your free employers account today
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